Our "Signature Portrait Experience" is an elevated & customized photo session bringing together multiple "themes" which highlight the many sides of YOU. 

This often involves both time in studio as well as time in nature, along with the addition of family and/or loved ones.

The option of top of the line albums, folio boxes, and wall art to choose from. We will help you every step of the way to select the product right for you! All purchased product receives the complimenting high resolution digital file.

A behind the scenes keepsake video documenting all the precious moments from beginning to end - available for purchase!

A stunning showcase of up to 60 fully finished portraits ready for you to choose from.


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Did we just peak your interest?

The icing on the cake... an evening spent with your loved ones as you step into the studio to witness all of your fully finished portraits, printed and up on the wall for you to view and choose from! The best day in my opinion!

Image Reveal


The day you have been dreaming about. Starting out in hair and makeup then moving on to the studio, where all the planning from the design session unfolds beautifully and seamlessly. You will be guided every step of the way!  A day you'll never forget!



Design Session

Now offered both in studio and at home, the design session is where we get to know you, and dream up all the themes of your personalized shoot.  If we come to your home, we also are able to do a wall audit to better understand where the artwork might end up.


Completed in just over a month from beginning to end.

Our Signature photoshoots are a 3 step system


- Family/ generational
- Graduates
- Dancers
- Women/ leaders 

You are looking for an extra special experience to document a life's milestone, chapter transition, or fleeting moment in time

You're nervous being in front of the camera and want someone who is confident and experienced to guide you

You may have never had a photoshoot before where you have felt really seen and heard - perhaps have never felt beautiful for the camera

You want images gracing your home that feel special and elevated compared to the digital phone pics

Is this experience for ME?

you might be wondering...

Horse and show-jumping enthusiast, Olivia celebrates her final year of highshcool with a photoshoot highlighting her individuality.


A mother-daughter duo celebrating their bond in Paige's final year of highschool. Both dancers for now and always!

Paige & Sarah

An individual photoshoot celebrating the beauty of stepping into your own individuality, no matter your age! 


BTS of recent photoshoots


We loved every part of this experience. I am so in awe and frankly, astounded by the talent! So many lovely personal touches. 

Family/ Graduate


Emily's energy is so wholesome and the amount of effort she puts in is beyond compare! The most special day!



"MAGIC! It’s all I can say. Sunshine, magic and a Master Artist!Thank you so much for such an incredible experience."

Individual shoot combined with family


YES! Most of the time we will work with an individual or the women in the family to begin and the remaining family members will join for a portion or towards the end of the shoot! Furry friends are also welcome to join for shoots! We love horses, dogs, cats, donkeys - you name it!

Can I have my family involved but not for all of it?


No, we take a deposit to book and complete the shoot and then when you see the final selection of portraits at you image reveal is when you make your final investment decision! 

Do I have to pick the collection I want in advance?


In my 10 years as a photographer I have worked with every single body-type and can definitely say that EVERYONE is beautiful on camera, you just need to feel well supported and I promise you my process will put those fears to the backburner very quickly! We guide you every step of the way! Clients ALWAYS say how easy the shoot was and how comfortable they felt... you will love it and will quickly want to do it again!

I have zero experience in front of the camera and don't consider myself photogenic...


We have a HUGE client wardrobe with dresses galore, shoes, accessories, hats etc however we always suggest that clients also bring their own clothing for the best of both worlds. We often combine what you have and what we have into a truly beautiful set of garments providing a diverse set of looks for your shoot!



Firstly, if you request that they not be shared that is 100% OK! We respect fully when a client would like to keep their experience and/or final artwork private. You may even choose to change your mind if you like!
Secondly, we often will ask to share imagery - especially if the final product is unique to our portfolio! We cannot guarantee however that all works created by us will end up online. We produce A LOT of artwork each year!  We do however encourage you to share to your heart's delight the imagery/video that you purchase and to please tag us on socials so we can see!

Will my images appear on your socials?


Please do let us know if you are easily moved to tears! Our talented makeup team is great at setting the makeup for the day, however they will provide us with the necessary touch up kit just in case we need to make some adjustments as we move through the shoot! Don't worry about crying too much though - the day moves so quickly and is so much fun that you will be on another planet to your everyday!

I'm a crier... what will this mean for the makeup?


Frequently Asked Questions


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